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Obituary for Robert Vogt

Robert Vernon Vogt, age 64, was born in Vernon, BC to Doreen Pokeda and William Vogt. Robert was 1 of 6 children. Larry, Robert, Beverley, Raymond, Velda and Lorraine.
Robert married Joan Baumung in June 2001. She was the love of his life.
Robert was mischievous, a bit of a daredevil and most of all a curious fellow. He was always trying to figure out how and why things work. He liked to collect Kinder egg toys, singing fish and tinkering with cars.
Robert enjoyed spending the summer fishing and the winter hunting. He also loved spending time with his nieces, nephews and grandchildren. He was a huge RIDER fan and his favorite game had flashing lights (VLT's).
Roberts favorite sayings were "get it", "idiot" and most recently "you don't understand".
Robert was a neat and tidy man. He even organized his holiday treats, he had gotten over the Christmas season, along the only area he had in his little room.
Robert didn't have much, but he took great pride in what he had.
Robert is predeceased by his wife Joan Baumung - Vogt, Mother Doreen Johnson, Father William Vogt, brothers Larry Vogt, Raymond Vogt, Sister Velda Vogt.
He left to mourn his sisters Beverley (Bernard) Pritchard, Lorraine (Barney) Porter, as well as many nieces, nephews.