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Obituary for George Ewart Cobb

George Ewart Cobb was the first-born son of Richard and Hazel [Shay] Cobb, arriving on September 7, 1950. He grew up on their farm near Powassan ON, joined five and seven years later by his brothers, John and David. He became a true ‘farm boy’, doing chores, cutting wood in the wood lot, cutting and raking hay. While going to school, he worked for various neighbouring farmers, most notably for his cousin Lloyd Byers. At age 15, he made a commitment to serve God, a choice he was true to until the end of his life. Upon completing Grade 12, he went to Shelburne ON to work for Carl and John Kidd on their farm.

In early October 1969, his buddy John Kidd persuaded him to go West with him, taking a half-ton truck load of apples to sell for gas money. Once in Saskatchewan, he began working for Don & Vern Sinclair on their farm at Fort Qu’Appelle. On his first trip to the city of Regina, he met Janice Leonhardt, a nursing student, and after their first date he decided she was the one he was looking for. They were married July 23, 1971 and resided in Regina where George had begun apprenticing as a plumber. Their four sons, Jeffrey, Jolan, Jayden and Justin were added to their household in the following eight years, as well as numerous boarders – brothers, cousins and friends. After obtaining his journeyman’s papers, he then mentored his brother David and cousin Keith Byers while employed at Welldone Plumbing & Heating. Weekends were often spent traveling as a family to plumb at various friends’ homes in Saskatchewan & Alberta.

In April 1980, George, Jan and boys moved to Theodore to take over Jan’s parents’ farm which also included the privilege of hosting the annual Christian convention held in that yard since 1929. Farm life soon included a milk cow, chickens, turkeys, geese, pigs, horses and 2 llamas. George continued his plumbing trade, working it in around farm priorities. Camping was always a favourite holiday, and as the boys grew, goose & deer hunting, snowmobiling, skiing, boating, quadding and cutting wood were frequent activities. When the boys left home, they returned most weekends with many friends in tow.

With boys gone, George and Jan sold their cattle and discontinued raising poultry, concentrating on their increased cropping operations. Later still, they rented out some of their land and enjoyed travelling more, often with good friends or their married sons & families, making more life-long memories and friends along the way. George was a skilled carpenter, crafting all their kitchen cabinets and an all-round diagnostician and fix-it man, be it mechanical, electrical or plumbing challenges. Throughout their 48 years of marriage, they worked seamlessly as a team of two, just like George’s daily peanut butter and margarine toast.

George had a sudden heart attack at the Theodore Town Hall on November 11, 2019 and passed away within hours in the Yorkton Health Centre. He leaves with many special fond memories his loving wife, Jan, sons Jeff [Jodi] and their daughters Merra & Nella of Fort Qu’Appelle, Jolan [Julie] and their daughters Megan & Rachel of Brooks AB, Jayden [Donna] and their sons Trae, Brett & Bryn of Fort Qu’Appelle, Justin [Candace] and their children Payton & Jayda of Peebles, brothers John [Anita] and David [Bonnie] and one uncle Jim Cobb as well as many nieces, nephews, cousins and special friends. He was predeceased by his parents, Jan’s parents Paul & Irene Leonhardt, his aunts & uncles [& their spouses] and nine cousins.

The family would like to acknowledge the tremendous outpouring of love and support shown to them. Thank you…

The Funeral Service was held on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at the Anne Portnuff Theatre in the Yorkton Regional High School. The officiants were Jim Atcheson, Dale Shultz, Mary Roper, Dale Wipf and Marci Howden. Jack Reddekopp and Jenelle Gregg officiated the Graveside Service. The Pianist was Irene Flett. David & Viola Hermanson, Ron & Brenda Hermanson, Norman & Minnie Lou Howden, Leonard & Marlene Kennedy, John & Linda Malcolm, Morris & Karen McChesney, Paul & Shannon Moore, Daren & Karen Young attended the guest registry. The Ushers were Shawn Graham, Ken Kerslake, Ken Kostenuk, Nevin Morrow, Orrin Novak and Dallas Young. Jeffrey Cobb, Jolan Cobb, Jayden Cobb, Justin Cobb, Jesse Cobb and Jackson Cobb served as Casket Bearers. The Interment was held in the Theodore Town Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to the Theodore Health Care Staff Furnishings as gifts of remembrance. Condolences can be sent to the family at